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Friday, 31 January 2014

Microsoft New CEO Might be an Indian- Satya Nadella

Latest Reports say that Software Producing Giant "Microsoft" is considering Satya Nadella as Company's new CEO after a long time search. He has been at the Top of the list of Expected Candidates and is going to take Steve Ballmer's role in company. Steve Ballmer is going to retire from its portfolio in August '14. 

The board may decide to replace Bill Gates as a Chairman. If Satya Nadella is chosen as the new CEO, he'll be the third CEO of Microsoft after Bill Gates and Ballmer. Nadella is in-charge of Cloud Computing and the organization who pioneered Microsoft's Cloud OS that contains Bing, Skydrive, Skype etc.

The report also says that John Thompson, Microsoft's leading Independent director may be considered as the Chairman replacing Gates. 

Nadella persued Electrical Engineering in India and went to United States to take Computer Science degree. 

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